Times Square Party Pass | NYE PARTY

New York NEW YEAR'S 2017

Saturday, December 31st, 2016 | 7pm - 4am | 21+

West 40th - 53rd Streets , New York NY 10036

NYE Description

Treat yourself to a one of a kind New Year's Eve experience and take advantage of  the 14th Annual Official Times Square Party Pass! Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to party hop like a true VIP to some of the most sought after, adrenaline and fist pumping hot spots, cocktail lounges, entertainment centers in Times Square!

Times Square is the epicenter of the largest, most highly anticipated New Year's Eve celebration on the planet! Words can barely describe the bright lights, big city energy from thousands of revelers at what is considered by most to be the largest outdoor event on earth as the Waterford crystal ball drops to welcome a new year. Absolutely unforgettable and truly magical! The Times Square Party Pass gives you the opportunity to step out of the cold into some of the hottest parties in the Times Square area. Enjoy full throttle night clubs, cool and sophisticated lounges, and mega-watt entertainment centers! With this party ticket, you can do it all until you say STOP! Seasoned Manhattanites and guests from around the world will rock, revel and party the night away 'til the wee hours of 2016. Come with friends and after a night of Times Square adventures, you'll surely make new ones! 

To give a little NYE history lesson, 1904 marked the first New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square saluting the opening of the New York Times headquarters located at One Times Square. Over a century later, be part of 2015 history. This ticket is jam-packed with super perks and awesome amenities that include:

  • Complimentary General Admission to multiple events. Feel free to party hop all night long - go to one or go to all! The choice is yours. 
  • Live performances by super hot DJs spinning hip hop, house, rock, Top 40's and 80's
  • Access to premium open bars (start time and end times of each venue may vary)
  • Passed hors d’oeuvres or buffet served from 9pm - 11:30pm (menus at each venue vary)
  • Festive New Year’s Eve party favors
Where will you be at midnight? Wherever it is, join in the revelry with a live countdown to 2015 along with a champagne toast! 

The venues included with the 2016 Times Square Party Pass will be announced shortly! 

If it seems like a lot to take in, it is! But don't stress! We'll provide you with helpful tips and timelines to make the most of your night out in Time Square! The countdown is on...so take advantage of the Times Square Party Pass while it's still available! You'll have all of 2016 to rest up!

Things to Know!

  • Party Pass tickets are subject to venue capacity rules. If upon arrival at a particular location, the admission line is held and security states that it is temporarily full, you will need to wait until capacity reopens. 
  • Make sure you are on the VIP line. 
  • Capacity may be deemed full if a large number of guests enter at one time. As the guests settle in, the security staff will reopen the admission lines.
  • The time on your ticket is the entry time into the VENUE. Make sure if you are a Times Square Party Pass holder you enter the Times Square area by 8:30pm. Due to NYPD and TSA crowd control, access to the area is not guaranteed.
  • Your Times Square Party Pass gains you access to Times Square on 12/31/15. Please make sure to have your ticket with you at all times when come to each event. You will also need to show it to Times Square security, if needed.
  • Access in and around Times Square controlled by NYPD. Please enter events between 7:00PM-11:30PM (depending on event start time) and 12:15AM-2:00AM. Admittance restrictions may be in place during the ball drop (11:30PM - 12:15AM.) Regardless of admittance time to your party, make sure to enter the Times Square area no later than 8:30pm.
  • Transportation between venues is not included with ticket purchase and is the responsibility of the ticket holder. Times Square is a pedestrian only zone on NYE.


Ticket Details

Music & Entertainment

Live DJ performance

(House | Top 40 | Pop | Hip Hop | Mash Ups)

Dress Code

 New Year's Eve festive!


There will be passed hors d'oeuvres or mini buffet stations at each event. Please visit each venue's listing to see what will be provided at each. 

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To Our Loyal Customers Our Pledge of Trust

We offer this notice to assure you that we are an Official Times Square producer of the New Year’s Times Square Party Pass and New Year’s Times Square Family Party Pass and single events for New Year’s Eve.  We comply to all NYPD and Times Square Alliance rules.

Further, we are An Official Times Square Party Pass … you may notice on the Times Square Alliance website a warning about an all access pass, we want you to know our Party Pass does not mean all access to enter Times Square.  It does mean that you will have individual tickets to each event included in the Party Pass and that our pass conforms to all NYPD and Times Square Alliance rules and regulations. Please be advised that there are some unscrupulous vendors who claim to sell a multi-venue pass, which claims to be an "All Access Pass" for one price. This 14th Annual Party Pass provides a discount on tickets to multiple events in Time Square, with the purchase of The Party Pass. However, in no way is this a transferable pass, and you will still need a physical ticket to enter each event.  We will provide each pass holder specific tickets to each event and ticket holders will need an actual ticket to enter in accordance with NYPD and Time Square Alliance regulations. Our goal is to keep you safe and well informed to ensure a hassle free experience in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. We encourage you, in an effort to validate our compliance, to email us if you have any questions as to the veracity and validity of the New Year’s Times Square Party Pass. Please email a@newyears.com and we will respond. 



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